The Harvest Room

Brand Identity Design  •  Stationery & Packaging Design  •  MENU DESIGN


The Harvest Room is a fictional family owned restaurant that uses fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers in its health-conscious dishes. The brand identity developed for the establishment was designed to support a transition from a former location in the rural outskirts of Waterloo Region into a new one in the flourishing Innovation District of Downtown Kitchener. As such, the branding needed to communicate the restaurant's strong ties to the local community along with its deep roots as a historic institution, all while drawing in a contemporary customer demographic of young working professionals within Downtown Kitchener.

Recipient of the 2018 Applied Arts Scholarship Runner-Up Award for Identity Design


Primary Logo

The shape of a postage stamp pays homage to the letters that the restaurant’s founder Frederick Schmidt sent to his family when he first immigrated to Canada from Germany in 1875, while the central oak tree motif represents the family’s strong and flourishing relationship with the community. Seasonal vegetables and the colour orange are used to present appetite appeal and a friendly, welcoming tone.


Restaurant Ephemera

The brand identity for The Harvest Room is carried into a variety of supporting collateral, including restaurant ephemera such as matchboxes, napkins, coasters and takeout food packaging. Seeking to uphold its historic roots as a multi-generational establishment with decades of experience, the goal in presenting these additional pieces of design inventory is to provide customers with an immersive and memorable dining experience.