Joschka Sawatzky is an award winning Designer and Art Director specializing in brand identity, packaging and apparel design.


Awards & Recognition:

Applied Arts — 2018 Scholarship Runner-up Award for Identity Design —
The Harvest Room
Applied Arts — 2017 Student Award for Entire Design Program —
Captain Earl's Crab Shack
Applied Arts — 2017 Student Award for Packaging Design —
Friar of Fife Scotch Whisky



Toque Magazine — Design collaboration feature (2018)
Applied Arts — Side Hustle feature (2018)
Startup WaterlooInterview and Startup Spotlight feature (2017)



Coming from an academic background focused on the intersection of strategic design and entrepreneurial business, Joschka holds a Bachelor's Degree in Design and thrives in the challenges of bringing the stories of brands and organizations to life through visual media.

His work is shaped by the close collaboration of client and designer, and each project reflects the perspectives and narratives that make the brands he works with unique. Joschka strives to become a long-term creative consultant to the businesses he works with by infusing each design artifact with purpose and meaning far beyond its face value.

A love of historically-informed design lies at the heart of Joschka's body of work as he combines warm and timeless undertones with contemporary sensibilities to achieve the business objectives of his clients. Since 2011 Joschka has worked with a diverse array of clientele, ranging from local startups to international brands in both agency and freelance environments. 

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