Good Grieves Scottish Shortbread

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Good Grieves is the family name behind the authentic Scottish shortbread recipe that has made its way from Renfrew, Scotland to be locally produced by hand in Ontario, Canada. The brand identity uses Scottish thistle imagery to reflect the company’s heritage, while the packaging designs were created with embossing and gold foil printing techniques to position the product among competitors as a leading brand of gourmet shortbread. Following the logo redesign and packaging overhaul, the company's sales spiked over the holiday season and further solidified the brand name on a retail consumer level.


From Scotland to Canada

The brand identity for Good Grieves uses Scottish thistle imagery in its primary logo mark and background pattern to reflect the origins of the company’s recipe for authentic Scottish shortbread. Employing a colour palette of gold and deep brown provides the visual context for a gourmet product to set itself apart from competing North American grocery store brands.


Packaging Design

Sold primarily around the Christmas season, Good Grieves required three different packaging solutions to contain the product itself: a personal size containing four bars of shortbread, a multipack containing eight bars, and a family pack containing sixteen bars. Consistency was key throughout, which was achieved through background pattern and graphic placement.